• Booking holiday rentals or apartments for your vacation in the Gold Coast is a cheaper way to enjoy your holiday. You can also enjoy more flexibility when you book holiday rentals in comparison to staying in a hotel. Most travelers note how they prefer staying in rentals because they feel like it is their own home while on vacation. But if you are the type of traveler who has turned exclusively to hotels for your accommodation, you will discover that there are more benefits with a rental holiday.
    book holiday rentals
    These 7 reasons will convince you to start looking at holiday rentals around Burleigh for your next trip:
    1. You can get more savings. This is the number one reason why a lot of tourists prefer to book holiday rentals over hotels. The cost of stay per night in a hotel is almost equivalent to staying in a rental for a week! Therefore, you can use those savings and allot it for your other travel expenses such as food, car rental or for exploring various sights or tourist attractions.
    2. You can enjoy more space to your own. Most holiday rentals or self-furnished apartments offer tourist with their own backyard space. In fact, higher priced rentals even have their own pool! Therefore, you can get more space to enjoy and a consequent privacy as compared to hotel rooms.
    3. You can split the cost among your group. If you are traveling with your friends, you can increase your savings if you split the cost of holiday rentals booking. Self-catered apartments or holiday rentals offer more leniencies to the number of people accommodated within the rental property while hotels are very strict about how many people are allowed in a single room.
    4. You can enjoy more amenities. Hotels offer luxury amenities but there are more flexibility with what you can do at a holiday rental. In fact, you can have access to a fully furnished kitchen so you can prepare your own meals.
    5. You can stay for several more days. This relates to the point raised above about staying in hotels being really expensive. A lot of holiday rental companies offer packages that allow you to stay for several days and nights whereas hotels charge on a nightly basis.
    6. You can pick a good location. If you search hard enough, you can choose holiday rentals that are located within walking distance from the beach in the Gold Coast. This makes this particular accommodation type a hit with tourists.
    7. You can live like a local. This is the best and most rewarding part about staying in a holiday rental that hotels lack. You can live like one of the locals and become better immersed into the culture and lifestyle in the Gold Coast. You can also easily meet new people, locals and tourists alike.
    The Gold Coast area offers several opportunities for dine, leisure and relaxation. Book holiday rentals through Burleigh Beach Tower in order to make the most of what the Gold Coast has to offer. If you would like to see their holiday rentals online, visit their website at http://www.bbt.com.au/gold-coast-holiday-rentals/.

  • If you are in the accommodation business, you obviously know that a good accommodation booking system is essential to the success of your business. It is at the core of the business. If people are not booking, then you will obviously be out of business in a short time.

    There is a great imperative to focus on choosing and building the best accommodation booking platforms. Travelers are searching for their accommodation online and booking online. The old booking channels are increasingly being phased out at a very rapid pace. If you are going to be competitive in the online marketplace, then you must invest in the best bookings systems. It is that simple.

    But how do you go about choosing the best accommodation booking system for your needs? This can be a really frustrating process if you are new in this market and unfamiliar with the various players. There are numerous booking and channel management companies to cater for every accommodation niche and there are numerous of them competing in each niche for your money.

    Figuring out where to start and what to look for in each accommodation software vendor can quickly become a very daunting task. Follow these simple steps to choose the best products out there:

    Count the costs.

    Determine the costs of installing an accommodation booking system and then nail the budget. Don’t fall for the free accommodation software offers that you are likely to get as you shop for the right software. Free is seldom accompanied with quality. Go for the premium software booking systems that are full-featured and come with incredible support to ensure that your accommodation business runs smoothly.

    There are several costs factors that you will need to look at when shopping for the accommodation booking software. For example, what is the cost of the licensing? What is the costing model? What is the cost of the ongoing support? How much is the cost of a license per user and finally, what is the cost of the installation of the accommodation software and training for your staff?


    If you are running an accommodation concern, it is important to have a checklist of the desirable features that will be most suitable for your business. You can then use this checklist to go shopping in the marketplace for the best software options out there.

    There are plenty of useful features that will be important for your accommodation business such as turnkey business websites, channel management, booking agent integration, mobile websites, customer support integration, easy and varied client communications, rich marketing features, resource management, accounting systems integrations and so much more.

    It is important to opt for a software vendor that allows you to try out their system for free before you commit to a purchase.

    Who is the software vendor?

    Finally, do an assessment of the software vendor. Are they aligned to your area of business? Are they a reputable travel software company that you can trust to handle your booking backend? Do they have good customer support services? Are they accessible and ready to invest in the success of your business through cutting edge tools and responsive customer service?

  • Similan islands liveaboard diving offers a great opportunity to every diver in the world. The Similan islands are found in Thailand and are a must visit place as they offer the most spectacular diving spot on this beautiful planet. However, they are only diveable from October to May of every year. It being one of the beautiful National Marine Parks in Thailand, the island offers many shallow and deep water diving sites, making it a diver’s home.

    While thinking of visiting the Similan islands, you can fulfil your desire of diving and would even want more! It is for this reason that there is a dive deals team to make you enjoy the whole experience again and again.

    Why choose them?

    1.      They offer a price guarantee. They offer the best diving holiday guarantee, customers can avail the lower rates as compared to booking direct or with other team. They have an advantage over the many bookings they receive and beat any listed prices. You can trust them.

    2.      They offer extensive choice. They give you the best choices of dive boats, ranging from luxury, standard to even budget. The boats are usually professional and come with all the safety features so that one can enjoy the whole experience.

    3.      They have good payment ways. They charge good prices and use very fast, secure and convenient modes of payment which one can use for paying fee. There is no such taking of the card details, and processing is instant. There are absolutely no charges on PayPal fee.

    4.      They have experienced divers. While offering comfort, they offer qualified divers with intensive and extensive experience. They have been into diving in many locations in the world. Thus, they understand he expectations of customers from diving and diving holidays.

    The Similan islands liveaboard diving experience

    similan islands liveaboard diving

    The spectacular views

    The  liveaboard diving holiday experience on the Similan islands won’t be over before enjoying the sight of breathtaking marine parks North of Similan islands. The diving sites offer larger pelagics and deep water drop-offs, giving the diver an opportunity to see the Whaleshark and Manta Ray sightings. These bigger and spectacular docile creatures prefer the deeper water even more than what can be offered.

    The number of diving sites

    It is absolutely not possible to have fun on a single day only! Even that said, Similan islands have diverse diving sites to behold. A single trip will leave divers craving for even more. Worry not, because what they offer in this part of Thailand, you will need to spend longer time, usually 4 nights or more.  The enjoyable trips further on the north, offer the spectacular views of Whaleshark and Manta Ray sightings. Expect more from the holiday experience!

    Other entertainment spots

    Marine life exists in this part of Thailand. Divers can not only see what the Similan islands can offer, but also even more! While figuring how thisSimilan islands liveaboard diving is, be sure to reach out to the one dive deals agents and enjoy the best diving experience on the planet.

  • Whether you are looking for the tame or something a little treacherous, Australia liveaboards diving provides something for you. Diving on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is always on the bucket list of all divers worldwide. It is one of those things that they really want to do. The Great Barrier Reef provides not just fine diving spots but also very amazing sights that you can enjoy as you cruise to your diving locations. Many consider the Great Barrier Reef is one of the great wonders of the world so who wouldn’t want to explore that?

    Another little tidbit about the Great Barrier Reef is that it is the largest natural wonder in the world, visible from space. However you regard it, the Reef is really quite impressive by its sheer size and magnificence. It is one of those natural wonders that simply blow your mind off. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef and consists of over 2900 different reefs and some 900 islands. It also stretches over a distance of 2600km on Australia’s northern coastline.

    Apart from its physical magnificence, there is also the raw beauty of it all with its immense marine life which range from the fishes to the coral and other treasures of the ocean. Because of its considerably great distance offshore, the best way in which you can experience this magnificent wonder of the world is by taking the Australia liveaboards diving holidays.

    Through the liveaboard diving tours, you can get really up close and personal with the Great Barrier Reef and see all the beautiful marine life that call this Reef their home. If you have some balls or courage of steel and looking for something more audacious, you can do more treacherous activities while liveaboard diving on the Great Barrier Reef. These include activities such as shark feeding although some tour operators do not include these as part of the Australia liveaboards diving packages.

    With the best packages, you will even find the operators who offer you live aboard diving adventures on the Great Barrier Reef. Here are some useful tips on what you can expect when embarking on this momentous diving adventure:

    Duration of an average Dive Trip

    The liveaboard trips will typically last anywhere from 2 to 7 days and these will also include the night dives.

    Who can take the liveaboard dive trips?

    Anyone can take the liveaboard dive trips whether you are a professional diver or an amateur. There are even entry level lessons on liveaboard diving offered by the operators which generally entail spending a night or two on the liveaboards. Even if you do not want to dive, you can tag along on the boats and watch other divers.

    Where to dive on the Great Barrier Reef

    There are numerous locations on the Great Barrier Reefs where you can take the dives. These include the Outer Greater Barrier Reef which is situated off Cairns; the Cod Hole & Ribbon Reefs which are situated a bit further from Cairns and the Coral Sea which is even further from Cairns and is generally better suited for the most experienced divers.

    Typically Great Coral Reef diving tour packages generally include some meals, linen, accommodation, dive gear and transfers from one boat to another.

  • You already made all preparations for your long holiday in Thailand. The air ticket, car rental bookings and the luggage to carry are all set. However, you still do not know where to stay. Do you book a hotel or do you get a holiday rental?  While a hotel is convenient for many people, a holiday rental will give you a homely experience. If by any chance you will be travelling in Hua Hin and Phuket, consider renting one of the Phuket apartments for rent. They are well furnished, decorated and command a reasonable rental fee.

    Phuket apartments for rent

    There are a number of reasons why you should opt for an apartment over a hotel room including:

    More space at a reasonable fee

    Usually an apartment offers you more space than a hotel room would. A holiday apartment comes in handy if you travel with your family or a group of friends. For instance, Phuket apartments for rent from Rental For The Holidays offer a wide range of apartments such as studio rooms, condominiums and the like.  You can rent any of these depending on the amount of space you need.

    Accords more privacy and entitlement

    With your own apartment, there is the assurance of privacy. There will be no hotel staff collecting items or bringing in others. You can be all alone to pass through your diary, watch a TV show or spend time with your loved ones.

    You can create your own schedule

    When you book a room in a hotel, you are forced to confine yourself within their regulations. However, if you rent an apartment or a condominium, you are entitled to your own schedule. You can eat breakfast and dinner when you want, go shopping or clubbing and get back at any time.  Moreover, you can go out of town for days without anybody bothering you.

    Your family or friends stay together

    Unlike in the hotels where you will have to book a couple of rooms to accommodate your family and friends, an apartment from Rentals For The Holidays in Phuket or Hua Hin with a few rooms will shelter everybody. In the end it makes your holiday cost-effective. It also allows you to spend time together sharing about the happenings of each day.

    Versatile dining options

    Most Phuket apartments for rent have well-furnished and equipped kitchens where you can make a meal for your family. With fresh produce from the markets in the city, you can make a mouthwatering meal for everybody to savor. If cooking is not your thing, the apartments around Hua Hin and Phuket are surrounded by classy restaurants. Here they serve local delicacies as well as international cuisine.

    If your next holiday destination is Phuket, Thailand, rent a holiday apartment. Phuket apartments for rent are well furnished and they are equipped with all the necessary facilities.  Consult Rentals For The Holidays for the available apartments and the mode of payment. Instead of wasting money on booking a number of rooms, it is best if you rented a large apartment, where everybody can be accommodated. Besides allowing you more space, it offers you a higher level of privacy and serenity.  Just like hotels, the apartments are strategically placed in close proximity with essential social amenities.

  • Your wedding day is not the end of your wedding plans; there is still that perfect ending to what hopefully turned out to be the best day of your life, your honeymoon. Many grooms like keeping their honeymoon destination a secret and thankfully for these poor unsuspecting men, their brides always have a good hint on just where this is going to be. If it is not a surprise, it can sometimes be a joint decision that the two of you make. An extremely popular subtle request is often a honeymoon in Thailand.

    honeymoon in ThailandThere is a good reason so many people do in fact dream of spending their first days together as husband and wife in Thailand. With its pristine beaches all dotted with a flurry of beachfront resorts that offer anything from standard to ultimate luxury and wonderful cultural nuances, Thailand and its people just have something about them that makes an imprint on one’s heart. Glorious food eaten under the stars or while watching the sunset or rise is commonplace for those who opt for a honeymoon in Thailand.

    Perhaps, the sole reason so many couples head to this beautiful island is that it almost seems as if time stands still. The way the wind will gently wisp the sheer curtains that cover a private beach cabana, while a Thai masseuse eases away the months of stress leading up to your wedding. Maybe, it’s the fact that while Thailand is an island, couples can still “live-it-up” a little by visiting the many clubs and bustling nightlife.

    Depending on each person’s individual style and preference, Thailand certainly has a little bit of everything for absolutely every type of traveller. The many adventures that can be had include hiking, snorkelling, diving and sea kayaking while exploring the island in all its glory. The only hiccup a groom may encounter is choosing the best hotel to spend their honeymoon in Thailand at. There are several resorts and hotels that cater for honeymooners; some go to absolute extremes to pamper you and offer you absolute luxury while others have a much more relaxed approach to making newlyweds feel at home.

    One such hotel that offers a more subtle approach to honeymooners is the 5-star luxury Cape Dara Beachfront Resort in Pattaya. They have several room options to choose from that all offer a romantic hideaway; the bonus is that each room has glorious balconies and decks that with sea and green orchard views. Rooms vary in size and the best room to opt for any romantic getaway would be their Dara Private Pool suite. It is conveniently situated on the first floor of this 5-storey building and is only a few feet away from the private beach; it comes with its own private pool, sun deck and spacious lounge and bedroom. The hotel has all the top quality amenities that go hand in hand with a resort of this class.

    So if your ultimate honeymoon in Thailand needs to revolve around comfort, luxury and good food, then Cape Dara Resort is definitely the place to be.

  • In recent years, Machu Picchu tours have gained popularity for their adventurous and awe-inspiring treks to the ancient city ruins of the Inca times. This mystical town has become synonym with hiking tours, so others are curious to know where is Machu Picchu located? This ancient town is located in Peru, in the Cusco region of Urubamba Province. Located at a height of 2,430 metres above sea level on a mountainside, Machu Picchu was hidden from the world for a long time and was discovered by Hiram Bingham, a Yale archaeologist in the year 1911.

    machu picchu tours

    A typical trek for Machu Picchu, Peru is the ‘Inca Trail’, which is a 4 day hiking trail (43 km trek) arranged impeccably by tour operators. The final destination of this Inca Trail is the main site at Machu Picchu. Hiking the Inca trial is super easy, even for beginners who are keen to trek in the Andes.

    The Inca trail takes the travellers to distant scenic towns of Chinchero, Urubamba and Ollantaytambo and the trail starts at the place called Kilometre 82, from where the hikers follow along the Vilcanota River and up the hills. There are lot of sights to look out for including the ruins of hillfort of Huillca Raccay and incredible views of Cordillera Urubamba (Urubamba mountain range) with snow-capped peak of Veronica at 5860m. Everywhere you look at, there are natural forests making your hiking trail truly captivating and beautiful experience, to be remembered for long. Travellers can also look out for the mysterious Inca ruins of the towns of Llactapata along the way.  The town of Wayllabamba (grassy Palin in Quechua language) is usually the first night halt and also the last place to buy snacks and drinks.

    Machu Picchu tours are planned in such a way that each traveller can restfully cover the whole area, find truly where is Machu Picchu, and capture the magnificent sights on the way. Once at Machu Picchu, there are various sites to watch for but the ‘Intihuatana Stone’, known to be a cosmic calendar or clock is an archaeological treasure. Alongside the Intihuatana stone are the gate of sun, temple of sun and temple of three windows which again are interesting pieces of architecture, as each one of these was constructed using heavy rocks weighing over 3 tonnes, typical of the Inca architecture. Nearby areas like the ruined town of Wiñawayna, another inca site near Machu Picchu and the temple of moon located half way down to Machu Picchu are worth visiting. The temple of Moon is a set of mystical caves that are believed to be a place to hold mummies of the dead from the Inca sect and a place of worship too.

    Each day while hiking the Inca trail, brings something exciting and more adventures for the travel enthusiasts.  Luckily, to limit the damage to the trail and immense increase in tourism flow, the Peruvian government now has limited access for only 500 travellers including porters per day. This way the site is not too crowded and travellers get adequate time to explore the ruined city on their own pace.

    Mere words cannot truly express the delightfully majestic views of this ancient city of the Inca times. A once in a lifetime walking adventure, that’s what Machu Picchu Gateway and Inca trail would offer you.

  • Ever desired to travel to a destination that fits all your holiday daydreams? Or have you ever been interested in travelling to a place that is decked by breath taking sights and amazing things to do all under one roof? Then you need to visit Bangkok where you are guaranteed a great time. However, for you to have comfort and peace of mind, you need to get a place to stay at least in a 3 star hotel Bangkok offers.

    Due to the fact that Bangkok has numerous places to visit, it gets a good flow of tourists. This means that there are a number of good places you can stay in. For example, a 3 star hotel Bangkok has within its borders comes with some exciting facilities and amenities. These include air conditioners, Wi-Fi internet, and television; satellite TV among other things depending on what type of accommodation you select.

    There are different types of apartments you can select from depending on what you need. These include junior rooms, deluxe rooms, super deluxe, deluxe premium, executive deluxe, executive super deluxe, grand royal suite, executive suite and super rooms. All these come with amenities which are standard within each class. However whatever class you choose, you are guaranteed comfort to the latter.

    If you choose to stay in the executive deluxe for example, you get an exceptionally spacious 25-square-meter room that comes with either double or twin bed. You will be provided with a lightweight duvet, coffee and tea equipment, and a safe where you can keep your things. Other amenities you will enjoy include bathrooms that have bath tubs, LCD TV, hair dryer, satellite TV with access to numerous movie channels among others.

    If you are one who prefers to live it large like a king, the grand royal does the trick. This 96-square-meter room comes with a double bedroom with a large living room that offers a beautiful view of the city like no other. The amenities at your disposal are three satellite TVs, a romantic bathroom, sofa set that offers great comfort and beautiful dinner table. The rest of the amenities include a mini bar, morning service call and a complimentary ABF (American Breakfast) enough for four people.

    The best part is that the food is of an exceptional standard inspired by Thai culture and recipes. For a day filled with activities, these cuisines will serve as the icing. Whether European or Chinese, your taste will meet quality as you relax sipping your cocktail before you get into the delicacies.

    If you are looking for a touch of class then Nasa Vegas is the answer to your call. This 3 star hotel Bangkok has hosts the most excellent combination of beauty and class. Whatever class of apartment you choose, one thing is a guarantee: comfort like no other. In terms of accessibility it is near a number of airports and railway stations. You can make reservations at the hotel located along 44 Ramkhamhaeng Rd., Bangkok 10250, or through the website. Whichever way, you get excellent services. Visit HTTP://WWW.NASAVEGASHOTEL.COM/ to find out more.

  • There are many reasons why Sukhumvit hotels stand out as the best accommodation facilities in Bangkok, Thailand. To begin with, accommodation is a top priority for anyone visiting Thailand. At the top of your list is a facility that can offer you the best accommodation possible whether you visit as a group or as an individual. With many hotels of various levels in Bangkok, getting a facility that best meets your needs can be a challenge.

    Sukhumvit hotels

    Sukhumvit hotels

    However, with the presence of Sukhumvit hotels, you need not worry. The facilities offer serviced apartments that give you the opportunity to enjoy the environment that is home away from home. Whether you are planning a short or long stay in the city of Bangkok, serviced apartments are ideal accommodation havens that will make your stay enjoyable. Here are some of the types of apartments you can book based on your preference.

    Studio type of apartments: these are ideal for a nightly stay but offer the basic facilities that you need in a self-contained house. While they offer open plan living design, you have a kitchenette with a stove top to prepare your meals to your standard and a microwave. In such types of accommodation, you can choose the style of bedding configuration: either a king size bed or two king singles. Consult with the hotel management upon booking.

    The maximum number of guests for studio types is two. Amenities include air conditioning devices, mini bar, work desk, and a broadband internet access and more. If you are visiting for a short stay, this is the ideal accommodation system, which may also cost less compared to other designs.

    One bedroom apartment: also ideal for a nightly stay, but can most preferable if you intend to stay at least a week or more. It comes with a full kitchen and laundry facilities, a separate bedroom from the living area, and a bedding configuration that suits your needs. You can have either a king size bed or two king singles. The maximum number of guests for this type is three with additional amenities available.

    Some of the amenities you can expect include air conditioning systems, private bathroom, dining table, and full kitchen and laundry facilities, among others.

    Two bedroom apartments: this type of accommodation is ideal if you visit as a family or a small group of people. The maximum number of visitors is five and it has all the amenities you can find in a one-bedroom type. It offers two separate bedrooms with a bedding configuration to suit your needs, either two king beds or four king singles. Some of the amenities you can get include full laundry facilities and separate living and dining areas.

    Serviced apartments in Sukhumvit hotels offer more than just what is already mentioned. For example, if you visit for business reasons, you can find a fully equipped conference and boardroom facilities. These can take care of your business needs as well as giving you the opportunity to live as if you are in your home. In Bangkok, Phachara Suites offers the best serviced apartments in the region.

  • Booking a hotel accommodation for yourself or group of friends is not the same as booking a family accommodation. There are special considerations to make when you are traveling with your family, especially when you are with little kids or elders. You want to ensure that the accommodation is large enough to make your stay comfortable and well equipped to facilitate your family’s needs.

    Family Accommodation

    If you are currently looking through various options for family accommodation, it is important to take into account various factors. Here are some of the essential factors to consider before placing a reservation or booking:

    1. Child-friendly facilities: If you are looking for accommodation for your family, you have to look at whether they are created with little kids in mind. Kids can be rowdy on vacation; hence, there should be enough safety facilities to keep them protected and safe within the accommodation premises. When comparing accommodation options online, make sure you check out the gallery of photos of the actual accommodation. This will give you a visual perspective on what the place looks like without physically inspecting it. Make sure you also speak to a representative from the hotel or apartment you are planning to stay in so you can ask questions related to this concern.

    2. Entertainment: Kids can get easily bored on vacation. Hence, you must choose a hotel accommodation or beach house that provides several entertainment options for kids. It could be a playground for a vacation home rental, or TV with cable connection, video games, and many more. Kids like variety in their entertainment options so there should be several to choose from.

    3. Kitchen facilities: You want to keep your kids diet healthy and properly monitored even when on vacation. Hence, it will be advantageous for you and your family if you can stay somewhere with a fully equipped kitchen. It is also a more budget-friendly approach to your vacation since it can be costly if you have to dine-out for every meal.

    4. Security: This is the most important factor to consider when choosing accommodation for your family. You want to watch over your kids and ensure their safety while in the premises of your vacation home or apartment. However, it is important to have security personnel or facilities within the area. That way, you can ensure your child’s protection wherever they may go.

    You can also come up with your own list of requirements when choosing accommodation for your family in Gold Coast. This list will vary based on the specific needs of your individual family members, or your own preferences. Make sure to use this checklist as a reference when comparing through your list of options.

    If you are looking for a family accommodation in the Gold Coast area, you should check out Burleigh Beach Tower. Their choices of accommodation offer pristine views of the Gold Coast coastline and beaches. Hence, you can be close to the beach and have a comfortable accommodation for the entire family. If you would like to learn more options, visit their website at http://www.bbt.com.au/goldcoast-family-accommodation/.

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